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'Haunted by the memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Abdullah has dementia and struggles to communicate with his daughter'.


Flickers' Rhode Island

Bristol Encounters SFF

Seattle Arab Film Festival

Toronto Arab Film Festival

Karama HR Film Festival, Jordan

Shubbak Festival, London 

El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt 

*nominated Best Short Film 

Created Out of Mind Short Film Festival

The European Psychoanalytic Film Festival 

Drama 19mins / Resource Productions

Writer/Director Ashtar Al Khirsan

Producer Dominique Unsworth

Funded by The Wellcome Trust 

Distributed by MAD Solutions


"Ashtar Al Khirsan helms this emotional family drama which sees a father struggling with his childhood memories in Baghdad"  SCENE ARABIA

"This is the first time a leading regional network has invested in several Arabic-language short films. The deal represents a big win for MENA filmmakers and distributors" BROADCAST PRO

Arab World rights acquired by distributor MAD Solutions MAD SOLUTIONS NEWS

The worlds first transcultural film about dementia DR SAMIR SHAH

"Ashtar Al Khirsan talks Iraqi legacy" EL GOUNA FILM FESTIVAL INTERVIEW 

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